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Lamb of God

About Me

Here is where you can find additional information about who I am.

Android Enthusiasts

I am an active user on Android Enthusiasts StackExchange site. I ranked in the top 10 (#7) out of all users, of all time, with ~16,000 reputation.


This is my blog. This is where I post about new projects that I am working on, or where I may just rant to blow off some steam.


This is my CodePlex profile. This is where some of my open source projects are hosted. Not all of them, but some. If you want to see some of my code, this is where you should go.

Freelance Rates

If you want to hire me to do work on a side project for you, this is where you need to start. These are my rates.


This is my Github profile. This is where some of my open source projects are hosted. Not all of them, but some. If you want to see some of my code, this is where you should go.


I write software all day long. Then I go home and when I don't have baseball or some other activity going on with the kids, I write software. I may also play some Xbox 360 with some friends.

My Résumé

This is what I did, and what I am doing now, professionally. If you care about that, take a look here.


I was not a big PC gamer, then I played DayZ, now I almost play on PC exclusively. So if you can't find me on XBOX Live, you can find me here.

Twitter @abryanconrad

This is my twitter account. I am not super active on here, but I do tweet about random things from time to time.


I play games on the XBOX One. This is how you can find me and play games with me.

Open Source Projects

These are projects that I have created, or contribute to, that are available via an open source license.


AttachToAny is a Visual Studio (2013 & 2015) extension that allows you to quickly attach the Visual Studio debugger to a particular process.

Breadcrumb Bar

A control that mimics the look and actions of the Windows 7 Explorer address bar.


A set of extensions, objects and other methods that I found myself rewriting over and over. I made this library so I did not have to duplicate the code. You may find these useful, or you may not.


A tool to create and maintain the configuration file for CruiseControl.NET.

Droid Explorer

The #1 Open Source device manager and file explorer for Android devices.


Builds ASP.NET MVC API endpoint documentation dynamically.


Generate file system (from windows) icon sprite sheet and CSS file.


A Managed port of the Android Debug Bridge.


Razzle is a combination of a starter website and documentation tool. It will allow you to bring a documentation website up quickly for your .net projects. It uses a mixture of Reflection and XML documentation to generate robust information that can be useful to consumers of your library.

Web Projects

These are projects that are web based. They can range from styles/themes to full websites.


This site was created for my wife, a traveling hair stylist. A hair party is where a group of people get together and have their hair cut and styled while having a social event.